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Saturday, June 23, 2007
The Blue Note Sampler Series - "The Six Vital Organs"

This is the first Blue Note album I've ever bought. It was October 1996, Leeds, England. The album belongs to the Blue Note Sampler Series, a now-collectible series of albums to introduce the Blue Note sound to novices.

The particular sampler was dedicated to six of the best hammond organ players of the time (and, perhaps, of all time): Jimmy Smith, Jack McDuff (saw him later live, a few months before he sadly passed away), Larry Young, Jimmy McGriff, Big John Patton and Baby Face Willette (the latter performs a previously unreleased version of Hank Mobley's "Work Song" which is stunning). Blue Note at its grooviest, with toe-tapping swingers and hoppin' proto-mod-funk. "All About My Girl" and "The Turnaround" have also provided me with some great guitar licks to improve my technique (Grant Green rules!). Both are awesome tracks.

Update: scanner fixed, get the covers here:

CD covers.rar

Download album here:
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