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Saturday, February 23, 2008
ATOMIC ROOSTER - Land Of Freedom

There you go. A 12inch by Vincent Crane and his pack, promoting the 1983 "Headline News" album. Dave Gilmour is on the guitar, as far as I remember (there are no details on the sleeve, unfortunately). Both tracks ("Land Of Freedom" and "Carnival") are distant, dark and chaotic in places. Nice one.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Get ready for some Texas blues, people. Our respect to the late John Fahey and his Takoma label for bringing us exceptional music. The Fabulous Thunderbirds are an electric blues band with Jimmy Vaughan (brother of Stevie Ray) on guitar, Kim Wilson on vocals and harmonica, Keith Ferguson on bass and Mike Buck on drums. Leslie-driven guitars, swamp grooves, snarling harmonicas and bawdy (check "Scratch My Back") blues covers as well as originals, are all in here. Good stuff.

I bought this album back in 1996 for 2 quid from a small record shop at the ground floor of the Corn Exchange building in Leeds. I had bought some 90 lps from there before the shop finally closed down. Shame.

Note: this is a vinyl rip at 320 kbps

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008
HOOKFOOT - Hookfoot

Hookfoot were Elton John's backing band in the seventies featuring the musical minds of Caleb Quaye, Ian Duck, Dave Glover and Roger Pope. They released four albums as a band (as far as I know) and they played a blend of blues and rock, quite often influenced by folk-rock artists of their time. This is their debut album featuring original songs as well as two covers, Stephen Stills' "Bluebird (a major hit for Buffalo Springfield)" and Neil Young's "Don't Let It Bring You Down". Both tracks are given a rockier edge. The album contains a few tracks to keep you interested (always according to my taste), namely the a-fore-mentioned and "Mystic Lady".

I bought this vinyl in 1996 in Leeds and, although it was supposed to be relatively rare, it was only priced for 50p, probably because the worn-out cover made the salesman think that the record was in bad condition too. Lucky bastard I was then!!! If you happen to be a retro freak, a record digger or a purist like me, try to find the original vinyl.

Rip is in 320 kbps. A few clicks and pops are present but nothing really to worry about.

Try it here and enjoy!
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Sunday, February 10, 2008
GOMEZ - Machismo EP

Having already mentioned that Gomez are among my favourites, this is an EP they issued back in 2000 with 5 tracks, all wrapped-up in eco-paper decorated with those quasi-impressionist paintings. They once again combine acoustic melodies with great lyrics and scattered sample spells. "Touchin' Up" and "The Dajon Song" are my picks from this EP with the latter being an extended psychedelic blues jam, slow and creepy.

I bought this CD during my last year in Leeds, England (2000-2001) from a nice little record shop called "The Polar Bear", up in the Headingley area. Good 'ole days they were. I wonder if the shop is still there. Anyway, I have been known for my tendency to digress so I'll stop here and will let you enjoy the music. And enjoyable it is, believe me.

Indulge here
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Sunday, February 3, 2008
David Shire - 2010 Original Soundtrack

David Shire is among my top-notch composers. His music for films such as Coppola's "The Conversation" is truly great and shows his unbelievable ability to write themes that haunt you for ages. 2010 is an eighties sci-fi film with Roy Scheider. For the soundtrack, Shire uses synthesisers and other electronic devices of the time and, although I am not really into this kind of sound (I usually prefer "real" instruments, you see), the results are amazing. Apart from Strauss' well-known "Thus Spoke Zarathustra (in which Shire employs Police's Andy Summers for the guitar parts), the rest is atmospheric incidental music; yet it stands proudly on its own, without the need of watching the film.

I ripped the album from the original vinyl (which I bought for as much as 13 Euros) and I also scanned the cover. The only problem is that my scanner is too small for a vinyl cover to fit in, so I scanned the front cover in two parts. If any of you knows how to overlap them into a single cover, please do so and send me a link of the jpg, if possible.

Rip is 320kbps


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