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Tuesday, July 24, 2007
ELIAS HULK - Unchained
If you have this on vinyl, chances of becoming a sought after marital partner are high! Seriously, this album (in its original vinyl edition) changes hands for big money. Here is the original cover:
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I, unfortunately, have the vinyl reissue which looks like this:

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No matter what, we are talking about a very strange band, with only this album to date. Formed in Wales in 1969, Elias Hulk stormed local and London clubs during the next couple of years. Their music is blues based, melodic and hyper-dark and constitutes a genre of its own. Some say that their sound is closer to Leaf Hound. True, but not entirely, since Elias Hulk must be listened to closely to appreciate their uniqueness. Nick Saloman from The Bevis Frond hails them as one of his influences.


Granville Frazer - Guitar
James Haines - Bass
Bernard James - Drums
Neil Tatum - Guitar
Peter Thorpe - Vocals


01 Anthology of Dreams
02 Nightmare
03 Been Around Too Long
04 Yesterday's Trip
05 We Can Fly
06 Free
07 Delhi Blues
08 Ain't Got You

Enjoy and support your artists by buying their albums

Download here:
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Monday, July 23, 2007
TELEVISION - Television

(review from Wilson & Alroy's Record Reviews)

Television (1992)
This might be the most remarkable reunion record ever made. Less remarkable when you consider Verlaine's string of critically acclaimed records and his unwavering adherence to Television's sound; but it's still obvious that his bandmates have inspired his songwriting here. The performances are phenomenal, with Lloyd contributing some extraordinary leads (the atmospheric "Rhyme"), Verlaine rising to his challenge, and even Ficca's drumming sounding creative and utterly authentic. There's one track after another that would have fit in perfectly on Marquee Moon: a bunch of ultra-cool, mid-tempo New Wave rockers ("1880 or so"; "No Glamour For Willi"; "This Tune"); the ecstatic, driving "Shane, she wrote this"; "In World," with a danceable funk groove; the swinging, almost tribal "Beauty Trip"; and especially the brilliant, angst-ridden "Call Mr. Lee." It doesn't always work: the live-in-the-studio energy translates into spacey jamming on "The Rocket." But more often it pushes them into exciting, avant garde histrionics that are held down by ringing, trance-like guitar hooks ("Mars"). Anyone who likes anything that Verlaine does should track this down.

My opinion: excellent album!

Download here (320 kbps):
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Sunday, July 22, 2007
Ronnie Foster - The Two Headed Freap

Some of you will probably remember that great Grant Green album, Alive!. The version of "Sookie Sookie" from Alive! is probably the most recognisable one, after Don Covay's original. Ronnie Foster is the organist in Alive! and provided one of the most memorable hammond organ solos in "Sookie Sookie".
The Two Headed Freap is Ronnie Foster's greatest album to date, full of energy and sheer virtuosity, as tracks such as "Chunky" and "Kentucky Fried Chicken" witness. Many of you will recognise "Mystic Brew" whose main riff was sampled by A Tribe Called Quest. Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" is also included, covered in a soulful way.
The Two Headed Freap (does anybody know what Freap stands for?) is one of Blue Note's best albums to date.
Just listen to the organ solo in the opening track, "Chunky". Amazing!!!


01. Chunky
02. Drowning in the Sea of Love
03. Two-Headed Freap
04. Summer Song
05. Let's Stay Together
06. Don't Knock My Love
07. Mystic Brew
08. Kentucky Fried Chicken


Ronnie Foster - Organ
Arthur Jenkins - Congas
Gene Bertoncini - Guitar
George Devens - Percussion, Vibraphone
George Duvivier - Bass
Jimmy Johnson Jr. - Drums
Rudy Van Gelder - Engineer


Download here:
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Tuesday, July 10, 2007
Brainticket - "Psychonaut"

So much to say about this band!

Most people believe this is "prog rock". No way dudes! This is NOT prog rock! This is music from another planet, juxtaposing elements from anything you can imagine! More importantly: this album was released in 1972! Way ahead of its time!

Brainticket were sort of a commune band, built around Jöel Vandroogenbroeck (phew!), a swiss multi-organist and composer of stellar tunes. The line-up was different in every album they made, presumably due to Vandroogenbroeck's attempt to create different soundscapes. Psychonaut is their first (and more "accessible" album), showcasing 6 tracks. It contains elements of kraut rock, psychedelia, acoustic/folk, experimental, ethnic, progressive rock (but not that you expect), minimal, maximal and anything else you can probably think of (for the time made, of course). Some tracks are celestial psychedelic built-ups ("Radagacuca", "Coc'o Mary"), others are atmospheric and minimalistic ("One Morning") and others surpass the dreamy-folk frontiers ("Feel The Wind Blow"). "Watching You" is a track that could have easily been written by Portishead, if, of course, were alive at the time!

Psychonaut was released in 1972 under the Bellaphon label and its Brainticket's debut. Later, a double-vinyl release of the first two Brainticket albums with the name Cottonwoodhill was released as a re-issue. I recommend buying the Psychonaut edition on vinyl, because it also contains the lyrics.

The line-up for this album is as follows:

- Jane Free: lead vocals, tbilat, tambourine, slide whistle, sounds
- Jöel Vandroogenbroeck: organ, piano, flute, sitar, sanze vocal, rumors, generator, arrangements
- Rolf Hug: lead guitar, acoustic guitar, tablas, vocals
- Martin Sacher: electric bass, flute
- Barney Palm: drums, percussion, strange sounds
- Carole Muriel: additional vocals (on "Feel The Wind Blow" and "Like A Place In The Sun")


1. From Another Planet(intro)/Padagacuca (7:24)
2. One morning (3:51)
3. Watchin' you (5:15)
4. Like a place in the sun (6:28)
5. Feel the wind blow (3:32)
6. Coc'o-Mary (6:08)

Note: this is a vinyl rip

Enjoy!!! (I'm sure you will, especially if you're a psychotrope-head!)

Download here:
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Monday, July 9, 2007
Dust - "Hard Attack"

This was probably my favourite band for a long time. I was 12 years old in my first year in high school, in 1989. I had started listening to pirate radio at the age of 10 and when I was 12 I began buying music magazines and vinyls, after my uncle had given me his old worn-out turntable. One of the magazines I used to buy was "Metal Hammer & Heavy Metal". I wasn't really into heavy metal music (never been) but I bought the particular magazine every month because it contained two column pages named "Forgotten Jewels" and "Electricore" respectively. Those were the only articles I would read. Once, there was an article on Dust on the Electricore page. The person who wrote it (it was either Demetrios Stergiou or Popi Stefa, I don't really recall the name of the reviewer now - it's been 17 years you know!), had done something really amazing: he/she didn't write a common review but an almost literary, introspective text in which he/she quoted large parts of the lyrics of both Dust albums. I was so immersed that I decided to locate the albums at any cost. Fortunately, a guy at a local record shop happened to be a record collector and he made a tape for me with both the albums (he was actually surprised to find out that a high school boy knew Dust!!!). Once I put the tape in the cassette player, I never stopped listening to it all day. Years after, in 1995, I bought both vinyls at the Monastiraki flea market in Athens, to fulfill my aspiration.

Dust were a New York band, formed in 1971. They consisted of
Kenny Aaronson: bass, slide and pedal steel guitars, Marc Bell: drums and percussion and Richie Wise: electric and acoustic guitars, lead and background vocals. Most songs were penned by Richie Wise and Kenny Kerner, the production manager who went on later producing for Kiss! Dust were indeed fantastic musicians and it is really a treat to listen to a trio playing unbelievable hard rock infected with psychedelic, heavy and even country elements. The songs are all great (no exception, believe me) and the lyrics are very good. Apart from Richie Wise, bassist Kenny Aaronson (later known as member of the supergroup HSAS) is one of the fastest bassists I've known and he is also adept at slide guitars and dobro. Drummer Marc Bell is even faster and some of you will be surprised to learn that, after Dust disbanded, he went on drumming with the Ramones, changing his name to Marky Ramone!

Hard Attack is Dust's second and last album, released in 1972. Unfortunately, the band never had any commercial success and they were forced to split after the release of Hard Attack. Shame, because we are talking about a great band...

This band means a lot to me, guys. Please give them the attention they deserve, they're really worth it.


Side 1

Pull Away/So Many Times
Walk in the Soft Rain
Thusly Spoken
Learning to Die

Side 2

All in All
I Been Thinkin'
How Many Horses

(note: this is a vinyl rip)

Download here:

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