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Sunday, August 5, 2007
Gomez - "Bring It On"

This is one of my favourite albums of all time. Pure music, played from the heart and with minimal production and equipment. A bunch of students cracking out one of the best debuts of the nineties.

I am perhaps one of the lucky ones who attended Gomez's first live gig at Leeds, somewhere around November 1996. It was the time of the "brit pop" trend (you know, Oasis, The Verve etc) and it was really great to see a British band that wasn't into that style but rather had a bluesy edge to their music (I never liked "brit pop", to be honest).

Bring It On is Gomez's first album, recorded, allegedly, in a garage. The production is simple and the sounds are very "down to earth" and "human", as opposed to the "polished" albums of the time. The album is full of acoustic guitars, feedback and, among others, a kid (Ian Ball) with one of the bluesiest voices ever. The songs range from nostalgic mini epics to fuzzy explosions and, again, from introspective moments to melancholic outbursts.

This album was my only company at some very hard moments. The lyrics are really good. The music is, simply, fantastic.

Please listen to it with lots of attention. It's going to be one of your favourites, as it became mine. Please buy the album.

Band line-up:

Ben Ottewell (vocals, guitar)
Tom Gray (vocals, guitar, keyboards)
Paul Blackburn (bass, guitar)
Olly Peacock (drums)
Ian Ball (vocals, guitar, harmonica)

Album tracklist:

01. Get Miles
02. Whippin' Piccadilly
03. Make No Sound
04. 78 Stone Wobble
05. Tijuana Lady
06. Here Comes The Breeze
07. Love Is Better Than A Warm Trombone
08. Get Myself Arrested
09. Free To Run
10. Bubble Gum Years
11. Rie's Wagon
12. The Comeback

Download here (160 kbps):

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