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Thursday, August 16, 2007
MUKTA - Indian Sitar & World Jazz

Mukta are a French band that play acoustic jazz fused with indian instruments such as sitar and tamboura. There are moments when their playing is reminiscent of the
Cinematic Orchestra or Skalpel (keep in mind that Mukta precede these two bands) but the result sounds more intuitive and relaxed. Of course, the inevitable groove is omnipresent but not to the detriment of the meditating aura of the music.

I bought this double album at one of those "grand" Supermarkets (!!!); it was priced for less than 8 euros, as far as I can recall. There are instances where a quest for a fresh cauliflower leads to unexpected gems, such as this album!

The album consists of 2 CDs, one with the original tracks and a second one with remixes by
Sporto Kantes and the Lalo's, among others.

Download here:

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