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Thursday, August 20, 2009
Parov Stelar - Coco (promo selection)

OK, this isn't a "music-for-dummies" usual practice but Parov Stelar's forthcoming album (9th September) titled "Coco" will be great; so, here's a small selection of the 26 track double CD to be released. The music is very nice (I especially found the "True Romance" track very enjoyable). For more info, pay a visit to this page, where you can listen to the tracks online.

This post is only to PROMOTE the album and the artist (who's on tour at the moment - I'll be catching up with him on September 18th at the ReWorks Festival, Thessaloniki); it is not meant to be a "leaked" release (it isn't a full album and this blog doesn't adopt such practice after all). Buy the album when it's released and support the artists by going to their gigs.

It will be removed upon request, of course

I should Coco!
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  • At August 20, 2009 at 3:31 AM, Blogger Alex

    Hey, thanks for shedding light on the coco release, its probably my most aniticipated album of the year! Ill check those tracks out tomorow - when you meet the great man please pass on some love from Australia!!!